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So it is not just about the final presentation or your one brightest idea. In a pitch, there’s nothing for being “second best”. You either have a new client, or you waste your time. No silver medal. No hand-clapping. No nothing. To enter a pitch is to fight for the ultimate goal: BEING CHOSEN.

Like winning a girl’s heart, a lot goes into wooing clients in pitches. Every client has different needs, different expectations and different things that make them go weak in their knees.

The trick is to know what makes them smile, makes them feel secure, makes them tremble in anticipation and makes them keep coming back for more. 

And this is your guide to be the ultimate player. Welcome to a crash course on corporate dating.

You’re there to get hired. TO BE CHOSEN. Over others.

Success is dependant on the a whole lot of steps & preparation leading up to the final date. Hence each session will focus in preparing to every aspect of the pitch.

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