Chiến lược Nội dung cho Website (Content Strategy for the Web)

Brands Vietnam 12/05/2014

Một slide hay về Chiến lược Nội dung cho website của Bond Art + Science.

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Một slide hay về Chiến lược Nội dung cho website của Bond Art + Science.

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Web content: it’s the meat in the sandwich, not the icing on the cake. Too often, organizations fail to deliver content that meets user needs and serves their business goals. Even during website redesigns, the editorial process gets short shrift in favor of building new features and creating new designs. Thinking about the content is always left until the last minute, always thought to be somebody else’s problem. 

Ever wonder why so many websites feature dense, unreadable prose? Force you to navigate through pages of brochure copy and legalese? Look like they backed up a truck full of PDFs and dumped them in the content management system? 

No content strategy, that’s why. 

When done the wrong way, creating new content and managing the approval process takes longer and is more painful than anyone expects. But planning for useful, usable content is possible-and necessary. It’s time to do it right.

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