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Finding whitespace opportunities in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) becomes one of the top priorities for many manufacturers as FMCG sales growth has been volatile over the past years. In that context, one category showing ample growth opportunity is snack foods, which is a rare global and local growth story

Snacking business grew USD 3.4 billion globally in 2017. In Vietnam, food was also among top 3 fastest growing super categories in 2017 - according to the latest report “What’s Next In Food?”, released by Nielsen Vietnam - a global performance management company.

Nielsen’s data measured in both traditional and modern trade channels nationwide indicated that the sales of food increased by 7% year-on year, contributed 16.3% to total FMCG sales in 2017. However when zooming in Food by segments, the growth of regular categories (instant noodles, soy & oyster sauce, fish sauce and MSG – Bouillon) was not as fast compared to impulse categories (such as Biscuits, Cake pie and Snack), especially for Snack which enjoyed an impressive growth rate of 21% in 2017.

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Nielsen Vietnam
Nielsen Vietnam

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