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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in pivotal shifts in attitudes and expectations among workers and leaders, as both call for permanent changes in how and where we work, workplace relationships and future skills, according to new research from the Adecco Group.

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading HR solutions company, unveiled the results of its latest study, Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work, examining the expected short-and long-term impact of the pandemic on resetting workplace norms

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Adecco Vietnam
Adecco Vietnam

Recruitment, Payroll and Staffing Agency

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We're the world’s largest staffing firm. In a nutshell, we’re experts in recruitment and providing world-class payroll and staffing solutions. With more than 33,000 passionate employees in 5,000+ branches across 60 countries and territories worldwide, we’ve got you covered. In Vietnam, we successfully help hundreds of people into exciting new careers every year. Plus, at any one time, we have around 7,000 associates putting their skills to work, not to mention the capability to churn out around 7,000 payroll transactions every month, always on time and confidentially.

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