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Nielsen Vietnam 25/07/2017

Over the past few years, Nielsen has taken strides to measure and demonstrate the power of package design. Our recent research found that optimized package redesigns generate an average of 5.5% lift in forecasted sales revenue when compared to current design.

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In 2017, we created The Nielsen Design Impact Award in collaboration with The Dieline as another avenue to demonstrate the considerable impact that effective package design can have, and to celebrate brands that are elevating the role of packaging in the marketing mix. Specifically, the award recognizes seriously successful package redesigns in the fast-moving consumer- goods space—ones that have helped to drive significant increases in brands’ bottom lines.

Based on our analysis, we selected seven initiatives—five winners and two honorable mentions—that leveraged package design to truly remarkable effect. They represent a wide range of business situations: a category giant in rapid decline, a timeless brand whose packaging had run out of time, an iconic favorite that embraced the upside, a niche brand that managed to win over the masses, and more.

While our winners certainly aren’t the only entries we received that made a meaningful impact on brands’ bottom lines, they are some of the more extraordinary cases. Download the report and read on—we think you’ll see what we mean.

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