Hồ Minh Huyền
Account Director (Head of Qualitative)
Millward Brown Vietnam

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Huyen joined Millward Brown Vietnam in March 2016 with 8 years experience  in Qualitative from Nielsen.

Huyen's experience ranges across different types of research including Exploratory, U&A, Communication, Shopper, etc. for international organizations as well as local giants of wide variety of industries from FMCGs to Finance, Durable, Social Research.

Her analytical skill, listening and interviewing skills have enabled her to compose quality correspondence, diagnose problems and devise viable solutions for multiple clients.

Her business issue-oriented and big picture approaches, strategic consultative skills, coupled with a passionate sense of commitment to grow the client & business enable Huyen to win and secure trust and appreciation from even the most research savvy buyers.

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Account Director (Head of Qualitative) | Millward Brown Vietnam

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