Nguyễn Hoàng Anh
Former Senior Research Manager
Nielsen Vietnam

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Graduated Master of Marketing from Nottingham Trent University, Anh has been equipped with advance marketing knowledge and real-life-interactions with different UK organization such as Waitrose (Refreshing the brand & exploring opportunities in student segmentation)

After graduating the master degree, Anh has joined in Nielsen team and becomes one of the most requested moderators. Being gifted with charming, dynamic style and equipped  unconventional qualitative skills by regional trainings in SEANAP have enabled Anh to create comfortable chit & chat atmosphere in different topics or contexts. Also, the experience with different types methodologies & involving in nationwide strategic projects enriches & shapes Anh’s analytical thoughts  towards consumer behavior & psychology then translate them into the actionable implications in Marketing mix  & opportunity identification.

Considering Vietnam market shifts to rural areas,  Anh’s projects & studies now focus on rural movements from 2014 to present.

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Former Senior Research Manager | Nielsen Vietnam

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