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Brands Vietnam 10/06/2016 Cấp độ: Tham khảo

Mr. Kent Wertime, Co-CEO of Ogilvy Asia Pacific, shares his views on Modern Marketing and how marketers and communicators should get ready for it.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  1. Introduction of Mr. Kent Wertime
  2. How is the industry changing?
  3. What is Modern Marketing?
  4. How will Client and Agency work together in Modern Marketing?
  5. How does Ogilvy get ready for Modern Marketing?
  6. How do we nurture and develop talents?

It starts with the reality that the consumer world is very different than it was before. What we do is very different than what we used to do it, much broader, but we start with consumer.

When we talk about the term Modern Marketing, they will somewhat signalize in the past what people talk about Integrated Marketing: You have to connect with an insight, with great creative idea, with ability to talk to multiple channels, to engage multiple channels, to use data intelligently, to create experiences to consumers, to allow consumer to participate to talk to you, to allow consumer to talk to each other. They engage with the brands, they often become advocate for the brand to other consumers.

The world of course has change dramatically with more channels and more channels that are fluid. We've gone from very fixed format to much more open format. And that's what's driving the need then to say as marketers, how do we take advantage of complete change of the dynamic of portion of what we do. Today messages more than ever have to integrate. In modern marketing, you really have to be thinking about your messaging out but also data coming back and how do you use it.

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